What is this site?
This website is a fan project that was made for the Conclave community in order to show dedicated server statuses and other interesting information. It has no affiliations with the Warframe team or Digital Extremes (DE) and is completely ran by and for players.
What is the purpose of this site?
The purpose of this website is to show information related to games that occur on player hosted dedicated servers for the Conclave community. This information includes the current status of dedicated servers (i.e. who is playing in what game modes, what servers are up / are having issues, etc), and other information that may not be discernable in-game alone (i.e. player activity, active hours, common weapons, player stats, etc).
Who exactly runs this website?
The website is ran by MatNova, and servers are ran by various players within the community. Further contact information can be found under the 'Contact' tab.
What is Conclave?
Conclave is the PvP gamemode within the game Warframe.
What is RC / NonRC?
RC stands for 'Recruit Conditioning'. This is intended to be a mode for newer players where they can be matched with others of a similar skill level. When viewing the Conclave terminal in your ship, you will see a checkbox near the bottom right to toggle this on and off (where in terms of this site, RC is when it's on, and NonRC is when it's off). You are able to toggle this on/off until you reach rank 3 in the Conclave syndicate, at which point it is permanently locked off (i.e. NonRC mode).
By default, this mode is enabled unless you either turn it off or reach rank 3. If you are just starting out with Conclave, it is recommended to leave this enabled.
What are these game modes?
The game modes listed on the site may be slightly different than what appears in-game for design / spacing reasons, and also to align with what they're commonly known as in the community. The game modes are:
    CTF - Capture the Flag (Cephalon Capture)
    FFA - Free for All (Annihilation)
    Lunaro - Lunaro
    TA - Team Annihilation
MatNova (website owner)
Warframe: MatNova
Discord: @uasmatrix
Conclave Discord: